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How do I delete a new URL?

  1. I just registered a URL for my new blog, but instantly decided to change it. However, it won't let me. Does anyone know how to do this so that I start all over again and stop getting the message, "This URL and name already exists?"

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you trying to change to [somethingelse] or [somethingelse].com?

  3. Trying to change it to (something else)

  4. Unfortunately, we can't change blog URLs at this time.

    What you'll need to do in this case is register a new blog by visiting while logged in, then transfer your content following this guide:

  5. But I don't have any content yet.

  6. OK, I tried to register a new blog: It said that it is "reserved" and may be available in a couple of days. This is the blog URL that I want, and I did sign up for it. However, I cannot access it, as it said it is "reserved." If I am the one who reserved it, how can I start blogging on it?

  7. @lynnarm
    Blog names are "reserved" for those with matching usernames.
    If you own the corresponding username then Staff can help. If not then they can't.

  8. I do own the corresponding username. So can you help me?

  9. This should help:

    The instructions also seem to cover what to do and the steps if you have a user name that you want to convert to a blog site.

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