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how do i delete a section out of the sidebar?

  1. I put the categories box into the sidebar, and now i can't get it out. Any ideas would be most helpful.

  2. -> Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets
    You simply drag it out into the "available widgets" box and click "save changes".

  3. I have already tried that. When I drag it over and let go, it flies back over to the sidebar area. Is there a certain area that the box should be placed?

  4. Slowly and carefully drag the unwanted categories widget down to the bottom left hand corner of the sidebar box. Cross over into the "available widgets" box still dragging it but do not drop it right way. Wait until all the other widgets move over and re-arrange themselves and become totally still. Then carefully release it and click "save changes".

  5. I never find the dropping works. I pull it out and then, still holding it, with my other hand I hit Page Down until I'm in the spare widget box. Then I let it go. That works.

  6. timethief, raincoaster, you have it right, the drop currently has to be in the Available Widgets area. I also find it a bit awkward.

  7. @foolswisdom
    I've grown used to it. ;)

  8. thanks for the help!

  9. Happy Blogging!

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