how do i delete blog?

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    i have decided not to keep my test page on i want to delete it so i can use my email address to set up an entirely different blog on anyone know how to delete a blog (including the database with my email address?)



    The link in your name leads me to a registration page, so I take it it’s not activated?



    I agree with paradox but if you still have the need. I think you can go into your Dashboard > Options and the last option Delete Blog.



    Yeah, but then the email will still be in use, so testsite will not be able to use the same email for the future.



    I had a similar problem. It seems there are problems sending e-mails out of here.

    Today, I tried to create a blog and waiting for (3 or 4 hours) the activation key, I tried to request the key several times. Thinking there was something wrong with my first registration I tried to create a second blog. The same problem, I got no emails. After some time, I finally got all my activations keys et al, I ended up having 2 accounts, both with its own blog. :-)

    I decided to delete one of those blogs, but now I’m waiting for the e-mail that hopefully allow me to confirm the delete operation.

    So does the “Delete blog” feature removes the associate account? …that is what I want, but reading this posts, now I’m concerned. I just need, want, wish one account.

    If the account is not deleted when removing the blog, then how do I delete the account that I don’t need anymore?

    Please, don’t laugh, I’m also confused ;-)



    Yep! I just got my confirmation email. Just wanted to confirm that deleting a blog, the associated account is also deleted. Just what I wanted.


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