How do I delete my blog from WP when my domain and blog no longer exist?

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    I have a blog listed in my “My Blogs” page that is from a domain/blog I maintained several years ago. The domain and blog were taken down a long time ago, so I can’t deactive my blog on my blog. No matter what I do, my inactive and inaccessible blog remains listed and it’s starting to bother me. Is there no way I can just remove it from within my dashboard on



    Can you please provide the URL and blog title for the blog you’re trying to remove? Staff can do it for you, but only if they know which one you’re talking about.


    The URL is



    I’ve tagged this thread for staff follow up. Please make sure you are subscribed to the thread and be patient while waiting for a response.


    Thank you kindly!



    Hi there,

    You can remove self-hosted blogs from your account with the steps here: Disconnect Jetpack Sites

    I went ahead and removed from your account, so you’re all set with that. :)


    Thank you! I did follow those steps multiple times but the blog wouldn’t disconnect. Thank you for taking care of it for me. :)



    You’re welcome! Sorry for the trouble you had disconnecting it — sometimes those Jetpack links can be a little pesky. :)

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