How do I delete my domain?

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    I’ve owned the domain for almost a year now, via godaddy. I decided to move my blog over here from blogger but Im hating it…I dont like the limitations and lack of adsense (I dont make much but it does help a little). In addition my links are funked up, as wordpress wants the full date and many of my links just have month and year making dead links blah.

    I’d move it back, but I paid the $10 for my domain to be linked…and even if I cant get my $10 back I want my domain back! But I cant delete it and that means I cant use it elsewhere. How can I delete it? And if the answer is deleting my blog I’ve tried that as well…about 10 hours ago and I still havent recieved a confirmation email ugh. Help please

    The blog I need help with is


    Contact support directly at http://support.wordpress.COM/contact/ .

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