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how do I delete my wordpress blog

  1. I want to delete my blog computerdetective.wordpress. title is michael mckenna the patriot
    I want to start over with new information

  2. it's under 'OPTIONS' on your dashboard. Click it, and you'll get a confirmation link in your email.

  3. Once you delete your blog, it is gone forever and can never be given back. Make sure you know that and read the warnings.


  4. thistimethisspace

    The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

  5. *sigh* nevermind! Thanks thistimethisspace!


  6. Countdown starts now...when will we see them going "I want to use the name again"?

    God, I'm cranky! Just ignore me.

  7. fredericrousseau

    Yup, I want a name that has been used before by somebody else. It has been deleted a couple of weeks ago... Is it going to be possible in the future to have a blog with that name?

  8. If you check the forum search box you can find this has been discussed many, many times. The answer is "no" .

    You can also check the FAQs and confirm that when you delete a blog there are clear warnings about the consequences of doing so. Once deleted the blog domain cannot be used again.

    Your blogname cannot be used again.
    Do NOT delete a blog to transfer it to someone else.
    Do NOT delete a blog to get it with a new username.
    Do NOT delete a blog to get rid of old posts
    If you are not sure - contact Support.

  9. contemplatingtech

    I personally think it's crap that you can't reuse the name you had before. I'd like them to explain why they do that. I removed mine, but then decided that I'd like to start it up again and try to make something of it. I couldn't, so I had to go elsewhere.

  10. I personally think you should read the warnings before you delete something. But hey, I'm funny that way.

  11. @contemplatingtech

    I couldn't, so I had to go elsewhere.

    What great news! Thanks so much for sharing your swan song.

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