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How do I delete page from menu bar if I've already deleted the page?

  1. I have content on a page which I cannot get to show on the menu bar.
    Also have two pages I want to delete, have deleted them but they still show on the menu bar
    Blog url:

  2. This means the menu bar is displaying a custom menu instead of the regular menu. Go to Appearance > Menus, select the blank option from the Theme Locations pulldown, save. If you aren't seeing the Theme Locations module in Appearance > Menus, click Screen Options (top right) to activate it.

  3. this hasn't answered the question. I've activated the Theme Locations pulldown and it's showing - now what? How do I delete the menu item please?

  4. yes you have to delete the menu item, you can create your custom menu to show pages you want to show.

  5. @cshsoc: It has answered the question. Are you missbianchiandme or are you talking about ? If so, what exactly do you wish to change?

  6. I'm from cshsoc. I've deleted the page I no longer want and I want to delete it from the menu. It was a page under a main menu heading. I don't understand how I'm to delete it. I am on the Appearance - Menus page and have activated the Theme Locations pulldown. What do you mean "create your custom menu to show pages you want to show"? The web site shows the drop down item I want to delete and when I click on it I get the "This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?" message because the page no longer exists. Your help is much appreciated.

  7. I've just worked it out. I "left clicked" with my mouse on the menu item I wanted to delete and it came up with an option to "remove", which I did and it's gone now.

  8. Good. My initial reply applies to the initial question, which does not refer to or mention dropdowns. For answers that apply to a particular situation you need to make more precise questions.

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