How do I delete text at the bottom of a page? This text shows up on all pages.

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    I’ve got a WordPress site. I put some info at the very bottom of the page and would like to remove it. I thought I created the text through Store, but can’t find where to delete the text. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is



    looks like you tried to add a shopping cart – that is not allowed here and will get your site suspended unless you are selling things you made yourself – so good it did not work

    that said – you added it to your Footer Widget

    Dashboard >> Appearance > Widgets >> remove the Widget from the Footer area



    Our free hosted blogs cannot be equipped for eCommerce transactions. There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs and we bloggers cannot install any plugins.

    There is no upgrade you can purchase that changes anything at all stated here FTP access, plugins and third party themes are available only for VIP bloggers or for those with WordPress.ORG installs. and are completely separate. if you require plugins, a shopping cart, etc. then you must hire a web host and set up your own install. Then you can move your content from the free hosted blog into the install.

    Provided you are referring only to products you personally create or any service you personally provide you can post a PayPal button and/or use a contact form on your blog.
    Note set a shopping cart up somewhere else online you can create a custom menu and place a custom link to it in the custom menu.
    Create a custom menu on your free hosted blog.
    Add the custom link for your website to it.



    ♫ good morning to you ♫First morning without pain from dental work this week and I’m :)



    Great you are feeling better

    I watched some of the Word Camp SF – couple of the things were very interesting – I hope they have the videos on the web soon –

    have a nice rest of the weekend – working on a teaching thing to show Aids to Navigation with blinking LED’s – bit of a learning curve for the little computer I am testing with – very limited and a language I have not used for process control ever and the last time I used this language was over 15 years ago –

    and off to be a tour guide soon



    I reblogged justjennifer’s post and watched Matt’s State of the Word this morning. She will update her post with the slides and videos as they become available.

    – working on a teaching thing to show Aids to Navigation with blinking LED’s

    That sure sounds like a challenge. Best wishes with it and the tour guiding too.



    Please don’t be offended by auxclass and me chatting. It’s the weekend and it’s WordPress’s 10th birthday. However, we have not forgotten you. If you need help with what I posted please post again.


    Auxclass – Thanks so much for helping me remove that text from the footer.
    Timethief – No problem with the chat.

    Thanks again for the help. Cindy



    Best wishes with your blog Cindy. :)



    @cynthiamorgan – You be welcome & good luck

    The forum here is a group effort – @timethief has a much better copy and paste than I do for ads and things – and we usually check each other – so I figured that if I noted about the shopping cart that she would leave you the great what you can and can’t do things –

    Thanks @TT for the help there

    Yes the Aids to Navigation thing is a bit of a challenge – but I used to do that type of programming & design some time back – so the design is a bit rusty and a couple of more loops since a new processor – but getting there

    The tours went well – had 114 people tour the Lighthouse in in 3 hours today

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