How do I delete the ‘home’ and ‘meta’ part from my blog?

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    how do I delete the ‘home’ and ‘meta’ sections from my blog?

    I’d also like to delete the title of my blog at the bottom of the page and also the ‘blog @ wordpress’ parts, too.

    The blog I need help with is


    If it helps, I have done an upgrade to CSS.






    The best way is to create a custom menu and activate that menu as your primary navigation. The meta section shows up by default if you do not generate your own navigation menu



    .menu ul li:first-child, #meta, #colophon {display:none;}

    Although you can use custom menus to get rid of the “home” navigation link as mentioned above. It looks like you’re using the theme’s default widgets. If you go to Appearance > Widgets from your dashboard and drag over only the ones you want to show then the Meta section should no longer appear. The only bit you really need CSS for is removing the footer. By itself this would be:

    #colophon {display:none;}



    The only way I see you can do it is to css upgrade. Design you own theme. You are fairly open as to what you put in the head content as far as I have found out. But their might be confilict with admin. probably best is to go to an org site in WordPress.



    You are strongly cautioned NOT to buy the CSS upgrade unless you are already fluent in CSS editing.

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