How do I delete the sub-featured image in CSS

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    Hi everybody,

    I had a quick question. I’ve managed to “delete” and clean up the footers and text below the featured images in Structure. However, I cannot for the life of me find the code that will allow me to alter and “delete” the secondary duplicate image underneath the larger image. It really looks bad, haha. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks


    The blog I need help with is


    I’m not seeing an image here . Are you talking about a different site?



    No, this is my site. I took down the image because it looked really bad. The code however has not changed, and if I were to upload an image, it would show twice.


    If you mean the featured images at the beginning of each post on the front page, you need to add this:

    .homepagethumb { display:none; }



    Great!, thanks panaghiotisadam, that works just fine. I must have over looked that code. I couldn’t find it. Do you by chance, know what command I can insert to “delete” the post text preview below as well? Thanks so much


    You’re welcome.

    What do you mean by “post text preview”? The beginnings of the post texts but not the titles and the metadata, or everything that shows up below the Homepage Top area (text and titles and everything)?



    Well, for some reason, just the post paragraph content appears in a grey box underneath the featured image on the homepage. I manage to delete both upper and lower footers and the widgets. I got rid of the title and the metadata, just the beginning of the post content shows up. What command to I need to delete that? Sorry for the trouble..haha. Thanks for your help.


    You can see the problem on my site.



    If you mean the area the says “under construction” then try:

    .homepagecontent {display:none;}


    So: first you removed the widgets; then you removed the featured images; then you removed the post titles and metadata; and now you want to remove what’s left of the posts. Why didn’t you just say you want nothing below the Homepage Top area and get it over with? You can delete all the previous bits for images, titles, etc. and just add this:

    #homepage { display:none; }

    That takes care of everything between Homepage Top and Footer.



    Thanks halluke for the help. I wanted to just keep the featured image, and that was it. So thanks. Everything looks clean and tidy now. Thanks all for your great help. I’m somewhat of a css novice. Your help is much appreciated

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