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How do I delete the tile; "Related Articles" from the sidebar?

  1. How do I get rid of the "Related Articles" from my sidebar. I have removed all widgets, made the site and all pages, posts private yet "Related Articles" still appears. I have no interest in other articles and want to remove the title from the sidebar and the sidebar itself. When I went public for a short time to do some testing of this new site, I had Related Articles from other sites in my sidebar. I am not interested in these articles.
    Thanks, Fred

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When I wrote; Related Articles, it should read: Recent Articles.
    It is not a pop-up. It looks like a widget in my sidebar. When I go to Appearance > Widgets, to remove it, it does not show in the sidebar. I do not know how to turn it off.

  3. Without being able to see your private blog, I'll guess that it is a widget that came with your theme. If so, add another widget, say a blank text widget. Then the recent posts should disappear.

  4. Thanks 1tess, that worked. The title "Recent Articles " no longer shows, but a little of the side bar is still there, and on all pages. I guess I can live with that if Recent Articles do not appear when I go public. Do you want me to go public for a time so you can take a look?

  5. Sure I'll be around for a few more minutes.

  6. I just went public,

  7. Oh, silly me. Sorry! You can now just delete the text widget. Then your sidebar will be completely empty.

  8. Didn't work. The "Recent Articles" came back.

  9. Rats.
    I just tried it on my test blog. I didn't realize that paperpunch would do that. How about using an rss widget with nothing in it. That seemed to work on the test blog.

  10. I just took a look, the side bar is empty, doesn't appear except for the small space at the top, I made no changes.
    Now I go down for a nap leaving the site public.

  11. I do have a question about your site, if you don't mind.
    You have set up your site in a pages-based format. Your contact page (called "sign up") says, "Complete the form below to receive E-mail notifications of revisions and new Chapters."
    You are using that to send info to folks who send you a comment?
    That is different from a reader who decides to follow your blog, so you are going to use that to communicate directly with people who "sign-up" or contact you?
    It is just my opinion here, but you should say something that you will be personally emailing anyone who signs up. Blogs, facebook, other social media etc. have the option to "follow" or "subscribe," but you don't have posts so no one can choose that option in your case. That is fine, but [opinion] making it clear that it's more personal/direct communication should be clear. Again, it's only my opinion. For your situation, it might be a good point.
    something like this:

    Complete the form below to receive E-mail notifications directly from me of revisions and new Chapters.

  12. Have a nice nap! Do try the empty rss widget: it seems to get rid of even the empty white bar which the empty text widget leaves…

  13. My intent is to write a book. Have a portion of the book, in book proposal format, on the web site, so visitors can sign up to be notified when new content is published, and periodically send them E-mail notifications to return to the web site to read the new content. I am not soliciting their comment, unless they are authors, agents or publishers.
    I want to show publishers the number of interested visitors who sign up to receive notification of more content. My purpose is to influence the publishers that the final version of the book will sell.
    I hope that a web site can be generated that will accomplish this without a continued dialog with the visitors.
    Do you think it will work?
    Thanks, Fred

  14. I have updated the signup page to include the phrase "directly from me".

  15. Yeah, 1tess, I moved the rss widget over and the sidebar disappeared, just as you said. Happiness!! Good show1 I say bloody good show!!

  16. @Fred,

    Yes, I understand what you are doing.

    Being clear that you are personally involved in the updates seems to me an advantage: each correspondent knows he/she is not getting an anonymous blanket response.

    best wishes to you,

  17. This part, though

    I want to show publishers the number of interested visitors who sign up to receive notification of more content. My purpose is to influence the publishers that the final version of the book will sell.

    I'd say you want to have some posts on your site, and open the site to search engines. Tag the posts properly. There are lots of history buffs who would be interested in your topic. Posts generate more search engine activity than static pages. And search engines are what will bring folks to look at your site…

  18. Yeah, the Table of Contents is a page, and all the chapters within it are posts. Doesn't seem right.

  19. On second thought, it's okay that way. The posts don't need to be the first thing anyone sees. Also each post doesn't have to be a complete chapter: with the index page, you could have several posts which would end up being a chapter.

    The key thing is to add tags and or categories so search engines will more easily find you. Right now, uncategorized is all you have to describe your chapters.

    At this point, though, your question has been successfully answered and now I feel as if I'm just spouting off my opinions about "how I would do it!" which is not necessarily the only way. (My husband points that out often enough.)

  20. Spouting off opinions, when done by an accomplished professional, is a very good approach to problem solving. At Canaveral we called it "brain storming", your opinions are very valuable.
    Thanks for your help.

  21. A charming and diplomatic answer.

    You are welcome for the help I was able to give.

    If you have more questions, feel free to start a new topic. It helps to keep these forums searchable if a thread is devoted to one topic at a time. So we will label this thread as resolved.

    There are many experienced volunteers on these forums and you'll be certain to find useful information.

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