How do i disable Categories UNDER posts

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    I do not need categories or posts to be sorted according to category on my blog.
    How can i disable the category so it doesn’t show up under the post?
    I have searched everywhere on this forum for help but only found huge discussions relating to tagging…
    Please help! WordPress is fantastic but i would love to be able to keep my blog tidy without categories listed under posts!
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me…



    At the Categories that you assign to your posts are recognized by search engines like Technorati as “tags”. By choosing not to assign Category tags to your posts you have solved your problem.

    However, by not assigning Category tags to your posts you are removing the means by which your posts can be found by search engines and by other bloggers. If this is what you choose to do, then all your posts will be automatically assigned to “Uncategorized” as this is the default.

    Also note: If you do not want a categories widget in your sidebar, you can simply go here -> Presentation -> Widgets and drag and drop your Categories widget out of the Sidebar box and drop it into the Available widgets box. Then click “Save changes”.



    Um, TT. They’re talking about removing the categories from the Posts, not the sidebar.

    The categories are hard coded into the themes. With the theme you’re currently using, you can remove the categories listing by using a ‘display:none’ for the catlist div. You’d be stuck with the ‘Categories:’ text though as that’s only wrapped by a p tag.

    You could always just not use the categories. Then they would just be marked with Uncategorized.



    thanks drmike but…

    1. how can i change the html in a theme?
    i’m editing wordpress online on my macbookpro with safari… i don’t have a domain nor server space for a theme (or is that automatically stored in my blog folder online? if so, how do i access the folder where the theme is stored? with an ftp programme?)

    2. when i leave the posts uncategorized about 6 lines of space are still used up and two short lines are visible above and below where the text ‘ uncategorized’ would be (for example)

    my mission is to save space and have short and tidy posts with text, photos and nothing else, ideally. it is not important for search engines to read the tags, the blog is for our friends and family first and the rest of the world second..

    thanks in advance, you’re helping…



    how do i access the folder where the theme is stored? with an ftp programme?)

    Answer: We cannot access our underlying template folders and edit them on this multi-user blogging platform.
    There is no ftp uploading at at all.
    As we are on a shared multi-user blogging platform, if we were allowed to edit our themes, then every blog with the same theme would be likewise altered.

    Also note that Safari has issues with the javascript AJAX used here and elsewhere on the web. So we recommend using Firefox or Camino



    how can i change the html in a theme?

    We don’t have access to change the themes. is a shared environment and if you were allowed to modify the themes, you would be doing that to everybody who used teh theme and they would be doing the same to you.

    You may want to take a few moments and read the FAQ sticky at the head of the forums as your question is answered in there.



    ok drmike,
    just read through everything.
    i was barking up the wrong tree.
    thanks for the advice and for your help…



    Not a problem. :)

    You’re not the first person who has asked how to completely remove the categories. You can do it with regular wordpress and with your own host. Just not with the platform that we have here.

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