How Do I Disable “Possibly Related Posts” in my comment section

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    This new feature is not an improvement and I would like to disable it for the following reasons. Many of the Possibly Related Posts are not related at all. They also interfere with the links I place at the bottom of each post, those that ARE related to the topic I am writing about.

    Although I think it is fine for WordPress to feature other blogs, this practice is intrusive. Do we have a choice? Can we get rid of this feature?



    I had that very annoying too. Go to your dashboard and design/extras. You will see a box to tick



    I don’t mind if others intentionally add links to my blog on their blogs or web sites, but this “Possibly related posts” method is simply another hole for spam. In addition, if links to my posts “automatically” appear on other blogs, then I stand the chance of being classed as “spam.” The idea that this generates discussion is weird. This is web 2.0 nonsense.

    PS: The statement on the box in design>extras is not clear.



    ok, checking the box is good. It removes all “Possibly related posts” including those from my own blog, and Amway sales posts, and other “Totally unrelated posts.” And it also prevents my posts from appearing “spam like” and as “Possibly unrelated posts” on other blogs.

    PS: The default setting probably ought to be “checked” rather than unchecked.



    I’d be keen to tamper with the algorithm that decided if things are possibly related, as the ones generated seem precisely not related, or errors. Any idea how I can do that, or at least delete the randomly generated links that are just plain wrong. thanks, J



    Unfortunately, it’s not controllable at this point. Matt has hinted that there are customization options of some kind coming in the future, but who knows when. Right now, you’re either IN the system, or you’re out of it.


    I agree, this was a highly annoying “improvement” and I don’t appreciate it.

    Thank you to the posters in this thread for the tips on how to disable.



    The WP dev team is awesome – this is the first time I’ve ever seriously disliked something they’ve implemented…



    Yeah, this was a horrible feature. And I was greatly annoyed to have to opt-out to get rid of it, to boot. It’s one thing to redevelop the behind-the-scenes stuff without my approval — go for it. But it’s just rude and annoying if you monkey with the appearance of my blog itself without my permission. Don’t do that anymore!! Thanks!



    I was quite surprised to see this in my comments area and shocked to see words that I would never use in my own blog as a cross reference to mine. This would be considered bad design in the real world. It should be that you have to Opt In if you want this feature.



    The WP dev team is awesome – this is the first time I’ve ever seriously disliked something they’ve implemented…

    Same here. This feature was and is shockingly unpleasant and even if it’s customizable and capable or ‘learning’ it cannot possibly be of good value … simply informational overload and makes the footer somewhat aesthetically unpleasant too. But this does not mean I disrespect the WP team for their accomplisments—if anything I am a WP evangelist in my country (Brunei) where two of the top bloggers use self-hosted WordPress where the majority are on blogspot.

    I have sent in several support emails now with my suggestions what I think would be a welcome feature such as Check Box Email Subscription opportunity. Make it paid service I don’t mind. I also suggested a friendly Chatbox widget but witnessing problems with viewers abusing it for personal attacks on several sites, I’ve changed my mind.


    hmm… I haven’t checked the box neither have I seen these links on my page yet. Does that mean that it’s not in full effect? or perhaps my posts aren’t related to any other content?!?!



    It just means you haven’t seen them yet. Look through your old posts one by one. Also; the default is ON, so if you haven’t disabled it, the links will be there. Just not on every post.



    I have a political blog that is the voice for a statewide movement. An article I just posted was just tagged with one of these “automatically generated” advertisments for a blog that represents the exact OPPOSITE point of view. Unlike other comments, this one is nothing but spam and unlike other comments, cannot be deleted. Why should our opponents get free, non-consensual advertising on our site in contradiction to our beliefs?

    This is certainly reason enough for us to look for another venue. Moveable Type, Typepad, eBlogger, how many are out there?

    Are you telling me I can’t even PAY to get this crap off my site?



    I’m glad I was able to disable this ‘feature’. I realized one of the “possibly related” posts that was on my blog was really offensive — pretty close to p0rn, and I was horrified that it was considered to be related to what I was writing about…cochlear implants for the deaf! Geez. That was really embarrassing.



    dougparris, if you read my posts in this thread you’ll see that the instructions to disable it are right here, and it’s free.

    If you find a porny site in the links, report it as Mature (on your admin bar, under Blog Info). Staff will take a look and if it’s too out there they will remove it from the link system.


    Thanks for the help with this – it’s a terribly intrusive feature and definitely not an improvement.

    Like everyone else, I love WP and the development team, but this doesn’t seem the way to go…



    I like the idea of the feature but I HATE the fact that it discriminates against blogs in favour of mainstream media sites that do NOT link back to us (they don’t display the feature). To me, that’s exactly the wrong attitude for a blog platform to have.

    If they removed the MSM sites from the system, OR only included those who also used the system, then I would put this on my blog in a hot second. I think it has the potential to integrate the community and the whole “rising tide lifts all boats” thing would increase the hits of all blogs on the system. But until that change is made, this puppy is not coming anywhere near my blog.

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