How do I display each post-date on the Posts Page?

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    I am using Fresh & Clean.

    I would like to add the Post Date as it doesn’t show on the page in question and I can’t find any reference to Post Date.

    The blog is Private!

    The blog I need help with is



    Some themes display dates on posts and some do not. If your theme does not display dates on posts then you will need to switch to one that does display them.


    Since it is retired, I cannot see the demo of the theme, and your site is set to private. We volunteers cannot see private sites. If you cannot temporarily set your site to public so we can see it, then your only other option would be to wait for a staff member to come around. Staff can see sites set to private.


    One thing I thought of is, are you talking about posts or pages? Dates don’t show on pages because they are typically used for content that seldom, if ever, changes, so dates are sort of irrelevant.



    There is a static front page and also a Page of Posts. It is the Post Date on the Page of Posts that isn’t showing.

    There is a different Page with [display-posts] for a specific category and that does have the option to display the Post Date. I was looking for consistency!



    Another thought – does one HAVE to have a page of posts? Could I turn that into a page that displays everything using [display-posts]?


    I am trying to catch up on my blog. How do i have my post listed as the date of the subject matter i.e. “trip to italy” not the date I actually posted?



    Alter the Publish Date on the post to the date of your trip.


    The post date is the date the post was published. If you want a trip date, add it to the top of the post content.

    The problem is I can’t see your site since I’m a volunteer and as timethief pointed out, the theme you are using is retired so none of us can activate it on a test blog to take a look at post dates.

    I’ll tag this thread for staff attention and hopefully someone from staff will come around soon and take a look at your site and help you out.



    To clarify

    • Individual posts DO show the post date and not the author. This is what we want.
    • The Summary Page of Posts shows neither author nor post date. We would like it to show post date but not the author.

    To achieve this, we have edited the CSS with

    span.byline {
    	display: none;

    On the Page of Posts, is it possible to have the date without the author?


    I can’t answer you. I have no access to your site or to the theme since the theme is retired. I am simply a volunteer. You will have to wait for staff to come through. That could be anywhere from a minute to 5 days.

    I’ve tagged this thread for staff attention. That is all I can do for you if you don’t make the site public so I can look at it.



    No, the theme is very minimal on the post page and is designed to not display anything besides the title, excerpt, and maybe an image on the post page.

    There is no way to add in elements that don’t exist via CSS.

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