How do I display post author in blog?

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    I am part of a writing group experimenting with WordPress as a solution for our group blog.

    Looks great, but I am realizing that – at least the way we have set it up so far – the post’s author does not seem to be displayed on the publicly viewable blog. The system does know who the author is (it shows up if I go to edit the post) but it doesn’t show up to the public.

    Is there a setting somewhere?’

    This would make a big difference as to whether WordPress will work for us as a group blog.




    It’s theme specific. Some designers have their themes display the author and some don’t. I know engtech did reviews of the themes. I’m sure he included which theme does and doesnot include author display because this is a fairly common question around here.

    Usual workaround is to add in categories for the authors and make sure that they realize that they have to tag their posts with those categories. Either that or include within the post who wrote it.

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    In the other thread on the same subject by the same author, TT has provided some useful links, including Engtech’s theme review.



    You can also edit your themes file and use the function <?php the_author(); ?> this returns the name of the author that wrote the post. All you have to do is put this into single.php under your theme and also in index.html.


    Not at you can’t. No access to theme files only CSS with the paid CSS upgrade. You’re talking about a self-hosted blog, there is a big difference.

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