How do I display the author’s name at the top of each posting?

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    Help, I can’t seem to figure out how to have the author’s name appear automatically at the top of each blog post. Is this something that requires custom CSS work?



    I don’t think you can. Each theme displays post information differently and Cutline doesn’t show the post author with the post. You’d need access to the underlying files to change that, something we don’t have on

    You could have a look at different themes to see if you can find one you like or if you have different authors on your blog, you could add a link to their profiles in a text widget (for instance Flaggman’s Profile); that would show each of their post individually if that’s what you want. Hope that helps.


    One way is to have each author include a “byline” at the beginning of each of their posts.



    If you use the Author widget, that will do what cjwriter is talking about. But it won’t put their names on their posts. For that you have to use a theme that automatically displays them OR they have to sign their own posts.



    Some formats automatically include the author’s name at the top. I use Ocadia, which does.



    Thanks cjwriter and atimetodance – I went through the available themes, and found one (Sapphire) that includes the author’s proper name as part of an automatic byline with each post. I just switched over; here’s the results, which I’m very happy with:

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