How do I do a Bulk post transfer from one wordpress blog address to another?

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    I have an existing wordpress blog site. My website designer is creating me a new one that will be under a different url but still wordpress. I’m looking for 2 things:
    First – is there an easy way to copy all the existing posts from one site to the other?
    Second – How to I transfer the followers from one site to the other?

    Thanks for your help

    The blog I need help with is


    Yes, you will need to export the posts from the original site, then import them into your new site. Here’s a step-by-step guide:


    Thanks. That’s done (although the photos didn’t transfer. )

    How do I get the followers to be transferred as well?


    Correction, the photos did transfer.

    Still not sure how to get the followers transferred though.

    Thanks for making that first step SUPER easy though!


    I’ve flagged this so a Staff member can help to transfer your followers.


    You’re welcome!



    What are the blog URLs that you’re moving your followers from/to?


    Sorry for the delay. I had to talk to my web designer. She says that we know the URL’s now but it may still be 1-2 weeks before we go live. She recommends we wait til then. Should I just reply to this post when we’ve gone live to get help then? Or is this something that I can just be taught to do when I am ready?



    No, this is still something that we need to do for you, so just let us know when you’re ready.


    Hi MacManx – I’m back and ready for your help. :-)

    Please convert my followers from


    Thanks, :-)



    Have you installed and activated Jetpack?



    I don’t see any Jetpack blogs on your account.

    If you did install, activate, and connect Jetpack, which account did you connect it to?


    Sorry for the delay. I missed notification of your response. I haven’t installed or activated jetpack. … I’ll follow the link in timethief’s response to see if I can download jetpack. I’ll come back when that’s done.


    I’ve now downloaded jetpack (and re-gotten access to my new website – which was part of this delay). It didn’t seem to have an install option.

    How do I install it? Do I need to do it from the wpadmin login of my new website?


    I’ve figured out how to install it. It’s now installed on my site. Now what?



    The instruction are found on the JetPack site. How do I install Jetpack?


    I believe I have successfully installed Jetpack. What are the steps to transfer followers from one blog to another?


    Jetpack is installed, activated and connected.

    How do I transfer my followers?



    I have transferred your followers as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!


    Yay!!! Yay!!! Thanks Macmanx! Yay! thanks!!

    :-D cool beans


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