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How do I do that new several-small-bits-of-posts-on-the-home-page thing?

  1. thegirlinthehat

    I've noticed that many of the blogs I read recently switched formats: they used to have the latest blog on the home page (as I do) but now they have several smaller bits of posts with pictures to choose from, sort of like how my blog looks on an IPad. How can I do that, too?
    (Oh-- also, I wonder if there's a better way to invite my readers to comment. Now, there's a little hypertext under my blog that says "Comments #" and tells the number of people who have commented. This does not seem like a very inviting or intuitive way to get friends to comment. Any suggestions? THANKS!)
    Blog url:

  2. You can check which theme they are using from the link at the footer. It sounds like they are using themes with Featured Image option?

    If you find a theme with a layout you like, you can switch it from site or Appearance > Themes on your dashboard. The design for comment links differ from theme to theme as well. I hope you can find a perfect theme for your blog!

    Let us know if you have any more question.

  3. thegirlinthehat

    Where would I check to see if I have the featured image option? Thanks!

  4. thegirlinthehat

    And what about the comment question? thanks!

  5. All of the themes with featured image support are listed at

    Unfortunately, your theme does not support featured images.

    As for the "Comments #" I'm afraid that is similarly set by the theme and cannot be changed.

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