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How do i do this in the forums?

  1. How do i create those boxes to display HTML code in the forum?


    the 6 comment, boblets comment has a it.

    this would helpful in the forums

  2. backticks. Example under each reply-column.
    but remember to make a space after it - backticks normally go over a letter - é.

  3. .......technically, it's an apostrophie as opposed to an accent grave ...

  4. my test

    `<p> I just finally found my back tick button on my keyboard</p> '

  5. <p> i iz an idiod y Kant i mak dis wurk</p>

  6. <div><em> Yahtzee!!!</em> thanks Boblets..</div>

  7. good sctuff!

  8. <font color="2c5f2c">Count me in to do this stew-pit thing!</font>

    <img src="" />


  9. <font color= "2c5f2c">Count me in to do this stew-pit thing! </font>

    <img src= "" />


  10. " <font color="2c5f2c">Count me in to do this stew-pit thing!</font> "

    " <img src="" /> "

    I iz a azz stoopit kant mek diz wurkin et ol!

  11. Sometimes, baba, I wonder what on earth you are doing.
    The forum - very sensibly - will strip colours, thank god (guess what the waddlers would do..). Besides, I think you are missing a hash. And no pics are a security- and anti- annoyances-thing.

  12. LOL
    you know what?

    Can't make it work cause I blog with cellphone instead of a damn keyboard. Meaning i have no bactics. What an idiot. Yes?

  13. Thanx for your kindness for answering my stupidity, boblets. Much appreciate it. Heheheh....

  14. <font color="#666000">THANK YOU, DEAR BOBLETS</font>

    I iz a troo dummer stoopit azz, eh?


  15. Backticks and apostrophes are different; they slant in different directions. The backtick is the one on the same key as the ~

  16. Differences:

    apostrophe '''''''''' backtick `

  17. Ah, bugger. It only displayed the last one. Nonetheless, you can see the difference.

  18. test

  19. Back ticks would also be a great way to quote someone in the forums...

  20. backticks can also make you whisper ` ssh... this is a secret. '

  21. Eh, didn't work. i am silly

  22. rain - yes, of course, you're right. It is accent aigu, as opposed to accent grave. déjà vu.
    baba - fair enough! You are enthusiastic, for following the forum from a phone!

  23. Heheheh..........................

    At least that's what an ape can do.
    And boblets, once again ITHANK YOU

  24. and now all i need, is one thing... how to make those yellow comment boxes that say "moderator":
    <crazy laughter> And i can rule the forum! myah-haa-haa-haaa</crazy laughter>

  25. Get compromising pictures of Matt using a disposable camera or something. You could make serious coin.

  26. you people have lost your minds!!!!

  27. Yella's here, and minds are found. Haleluyah!

  28. Yella's here, and minds are found. Haleluyah!

  29. in ur dream, yella LMFAO

  30. Jeebus Kryst

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