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How do i do this in the forums?

  1. You can also do

    blockquote if you want to get fancy.

  2. Or simply show how silly you be :-D

  3. baba is a madman, so the citizens kicked his ass out to the jungle heheh... Kidding baba. Peace

  4. I iz a troo azz hawt, datz y dey kickd mee awt o' bigg sities


  5. wo0t?!?

    eheheheh ....... :)

  6. Can I fry shrimps on your hawt azz?

  7. nope, u B A D gal!

    I preserve chastity, remember?

  8. U B Yookeek!
    what like EV-ar

  9. My English teacher never taught me that!

  10. Okay, blockquote escapes me. I'm still having fun with backticks.

    all your base are belong to raincoaster

  11. Would backticks give the same effect as here if I backtick on other forums like Yahoo Answers or something?

  12. dunno fo' syure
    technically, as long as you have Allowed markup: blockquote code em strong ul oli. You can also put code in between backtick () characters ` then it would act the same.

  13. Oops ... didn't go as intended stoopit I iz eh?
    well, see that instruction right after 'send post' button below please Yella.

  14. See, to do blockquotes, you just do pointybracket space blockquote space otherpointybracket and then you have the open-ended band, rather than the enclosed rectangle of backticks.
    it's true!

    it's a fact!

  15. < lyke diz? >
    < diz? >
    < diz? >

    sheez, I don't quite speak english :-/

  16. < ah, this is the correct one i suppose >you mean, rain?

  17. i iz a brein ded stoopit wacko

    < blockquote > i iz a brein ded stoopit wacko < /blockquote >

    somebody shoot me!

  18. 'wait a minute ... I did it. Didn't I, rain?

    Don't shoot me, then. Banana please?

  19. Banana Granted!!!

    Banana Granted!!! enjoy... :)

  20. Thanx a bunch, Teck!
    munch ... munch

    izz damn yummee

  21. O cool. This is cool. Sonic likes this

  22. lets see...

    ` test

  23. >_<

    ` now?

    if it goes wrong please someone explain it again :$

  24. you have to put backticks at the beginning AND the end

  25. hmmm...



  26. Somebody should kill a cow and throw a bbq party to celebrate the discovery of backticks and blockquote.

    I wonder who created backticks. I was thinking it's some Egyptian because backticks look like hierogliph (hierogrip? hielogrip? hierophant? Whatever!).

  27. the greeks? the french? Déjà vu?

  28. The Chinese! Yes. It's them. They got backticks in most of their characters.

  29. < blockquote >

    test, I'm sure I fudged this up

  30. typing with hooves is hell

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