How do I edit my post tags?

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    I’ve recently discovered that, when someone searches for one of my blog posts, the name of the tag appears rather than the actual name of the post. So if I tag a post with “no country for old men ending”, that tag appears rather than the actual post title.

    This is a problem, since I’ve been tagging all my posts with lower case letters, which just looks a bit crap from Google’s perspective. However, when I delete those tags and type them out with upper case letters (i.e. No Country for Old Men Ending), it autocorrects them back to all lower case.

    Is there any way I can stop my blog from doing this?

    The blog I need help with is



    The tag appears because search engines index tags aswell as the post title, all it means is that people are clicking on the tag URL of your post, because that is what the search engine brought up for them. If you remove them then you will drop from search engines rapidly. The search engines use the tags to index you correctly. One post can be indexed many times over with tags and categories. Even if you did add upper case letters, the search engines will still display them as lower case.



    The name of the tag will appear in searches ahead of the post if the tag is more used than the exact title. Case is really not the issue.



    “Even if you did add upper case letters, the search engines will still display them as lower case.”

    They don’t always display them as lower case though. For new tags I’ve added like ‘Exposition Techniques’, the search engine brings them up in the neater, capitalised form – which I think looks more appealing to anyone using Google.



    Ah, found out how. There’s a Tags section under Posts which lets you do it,

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