How do I edit my RSS for my podcast?

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    Please forgive me but I am new to this whole podcasting rss stuff. Am I able to copy and paste the rss coding (when you “view scrource on feed page) from my podcasts rss feedpage over at after I copy the rss info where do I go in wordpress to paste it? Really what I need is to be able to edit the rss stuff so that when I submit my feed url to itunes it comes up with the shows description, logo, summary, all of that (I am unable to submit using feedburner’s feed due to an unknown error).

    So to sum up this block of text:

    -Am I able to copy and paste my feedburners rss code (when viewing scource of the feedburners feed page) into wordpress?

    -If so where do I go to paste this?

    -If I am unable to use the pasted info is there an easy way to edit such stuff with wordpress so when submitting my feed url ( it will have all the description ,summary, logo, ect without having the knowledge of how to write rss myself? (thats why I love feedburner it does it all for you but I am getting an error I cannot figure out when using any feedburner feed url)

    Any help is greatly appreciated!



    I don’t understand: are you attempting to post the RSS feed for your blog in your blog? It’s already in your blog. To display a feed, use the Feed widget in your sidebar. Just configure your WordPress feed so that it displays full feeds (do this in Dashboard — > Options — > Reading) and it should all be there in the feed, although the widget does not display it on your blog. It displays in feed readers just fine.


    I mean how do I edit what will appear in the iTunes directory such as the podcasts description, summary, author, logo, etc. Am I able to edit this somewhere in wordpress?



    Not as far as I know. I think you have to set those in iTunes, don’t you? Then they’re automatically associated with your podcast there. I know it works that way at Odeo.


    I dont believe so, when I go to submit it it does not give me the option to edit them but rather expects them all to be pre written into the rss because before I submit it to them it shows the podcasts description, logo, all that but they have no info in them so its my guess they expect it to be done somehow already.



    Well I know that the regular feed displays all images, etc in feed readers, but it sounds like they’re expecting some sort of interstitial “Profile” to be involved. I see you have no avatar here in the forum. Why not tweak your profile and see if that does it? Put an avatar there, a tagline (even if your template doesn’t display them) and so on. That may well be what they’re expecting.

    I’m just guessing here, but that does make sense to me. They’re probably trying to pull from your WP profile; that’s where my icon comes from in feeds.



    I mean how do I edit what will appear in the iTunes directory such as the podcasts description, summary, author, logo, etc. Am I able to edit this somewhere in wordpress?

    Actually wordpress does not support podcasting and there are threads on this in the forum searchbox (itunes)



    TT, wordpress.COM does not support podcasting although some folks are still doing so. 99& of the time podcasters are using the regular wordpress software and one of the podcasting plugins. ‘wordpress’ does it fine. ‘wordpress.COM’ does not.

    What the issue is is the need for all of those extra fields and since we can’t add those fields in, we can’t do it here. If you can get around having those extra fields in there, it’ll work.

    Best bet would be to search through the forums as it’s been discussed before and take a look at soem of the blogs doing them.



    I know that and I apologize for missing the “com” above. (Sigh … today I’m working with full use of only one hand and one eye. )

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