How do I edit my sidebar

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    I have managed to create a sidebar but don’t know how to put anything into it. Please help. I’m very frustrated.



    Go to admin – presentation – sidebar widgets.
    Then roll down and you will see ‘available widgets’. Just pick up the widgets you want and add it to upper sidebar. Then save changes..that’s it.



    Might help us help you if you told us what you’re trying to do with a bit more depth than “Trying to create a sidebar” if you’re trying to do something specific or if you’re having specific issues.

    Shash’s method is the one to follow though.



    I had the same problem. I had import contents from nlogger and now I have duplicated link in my sidebar. I wish to delete clones and addothers.. but I don’t know how I can do it.

    Can Anyone help me? I think that it’s the same problem aliperry has.




    Your blogroll “links” are added, assigned to categories (they must have a category assigned to them to be displayed), and edited in the “manage blogroll” area of your dashboard. They are displayed in your sidebar after you place your “links” widget in your sidebar. However, all changes to them are made in the manage bogroll area and not in the sidebar widget area.

    You can delete any duplicated “links” from your sidebar by editing your blogroll entries in the blogroll management area. This is how to do that

    -> dashboard -> blogroll -> blogroll management

    (also note the option for importing)

    For information regarding setting up and configuring widgets please click this link



    Help, I am new too, and everything seems so difficult. If I add a widget, all the other stuff disappears.

    There seems to be a blank nbox at the top of the sidebar–I’d like to put pictures in it, but I don’t know how to access it in order to edit it. I saw an explanation on how to add pictures to a text widget, but how do you get into them int he first place in order to edit them?




    Please give us a link to your blog so we can see your sidebar as it is now. Thanks



    I just looked at your blog in the Connections theme
    I’m using a firefox browser and your sidebar displays well for me. What do you mean by “nbox” ?



    The widgets don’t add to the sidebar, they recreate it. If you use one widget, you have to use all of the ones that you want in there. if you just use one widget, that is all that will be in there.

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