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how do I edit photos that are too large for sidebar?

  1. Is this something I do before or after upload? I tried resizing photos in my picture manager before uploading but it is the original size when pasted into a sidebar text widget.

  2. Whatever the size, you can still tweak the dimensions in the sidebar, if making it display Thumbnail size isn't the answer. I'm sure there's a more elegant workaround than this, but go to write a blog post (don't worry, it's a dummy, you'll never post it) and put the image in there. Resize it as you like, till it's just the right size, and make sure it's the ONLY thing in that post, not even any formatting (center or left-right align, nothing like that, just the pic). Then click over to the HTML editor and copy everything in there to Notepad or some other basic text program. Then delete the post. Now you have the code to paste into your sidebar widget.

  3. Thanks so much! It worked...

  4. by the way, do you know the HTML code (or any other way) to center the pic?

  5. Actually, if you do those steps and center it, you can grab the code for that at the same time. Try it (way easier than memorizing all these little bits of code).

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