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How do I edit the comment line at the end of a post

  1. Seasons Greetings!

    I am using the Tiga theme but I think that this observation is true of many themes..

    The current line at and end of a post says:
    "Posted in : <category>, <category> | Edit | (n) Comments"

    In my view it is not obvious to a reader that they can click on the work "Comments" and add a comment.

    How do I change this word to something more intuitive like "Click here to add a comment"

    Many thanks

  2. You can't. That would be editing the theme files and, since we're on a shared environment, you would be doing it for everybody using that theme and they would be doing it to you if it was allowed.

    Most folks who read blogs know enough to click on the comment link or the title of the Post. Also most web searches would be coming into the Post in question and seeing the comment form.


  3. Hello DRMike - I am grateful that you replied - but I was referring to editing my own blog that is hosted at siteground (
    can you just tell me where to look for the line that displays the word "Comment"

    Many thanks

  4. Then you get this reply: :)


    I'm afraid you're at the wrong site. You need to be over at as you're running different software than we are here at This is covered in the Please Read Me First Before Posting at the head of the forums just for reference.


    (Look at the comments.php file I believe)

  5. I stand corrected. A quick looksee at a couple of themes show it's theme dependant. On one theme, it's in the comment.php file. Another has it in index.php. A third has it in functions.php.

    You're going to have to look for it yourself I'm afraid.

  6. Ok - Thanks - lets mark this as 'resolved'

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