How do I edit the header of my wordpress?

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    I wanna add music.
    Is that impossible or something?
    I have hosting already….
    Just need to be able to input the embed code.



    If you are paying for your own host, is not what you are looking for.

    To download the software for your own use go to and this should give you all the info needed to get started, WordPress Codex.



    You may want to check out this list of plugins for music support. Please remember that some people feel that forcing them to listen to your choice of music is offensive. Be sure to leave them a method of turning it on and off. :)

    Good Luck,



    Um… I’ve already got a codec that utilizes quicktime to play music.
    However, I was trying to put it on my site, but html is not enabled. I typed this into a blog post

    <embed allowScriptAccess=”never”wmode=”transparent” src=”″ quality=”high” pluginspage=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”150″ height=”50″></embed>

    And nothing showed up.
    Um… Is it impossible to put html on wordpress?


    On you cannot change your template. If you host your own site and download the software through, you can whatever you want to the template. It sounds like you are more interested in what WordPress offers to those hosting their own blogs as opposed to what (this site) offers.



    wayneh4x is trying, I believe to add it to a post though. I do not believe that the embed link is allowed within a post as it could lead to security concerns.

    edit: Just checked. It gets stripped out.

    I think your best bet would be to provide a link to the music in question.

    Good luck,

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