How do I edit theme on wordpress hosted website?

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    Hi, my client is

    They have requested that I modify some changes (add second sidebar, make wider, etc). The problem is I have only dealt with self hosted versions of wordpress.

    How do I ftp in so I can modify the theme files, when it is hosted on wordpress’ server? Even the back-end theme editor seems to be missing as well.

    Thanks !

    The blog I need help with is


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    We have no ftp access on WordPress.COM.
    If you have experience with CSS, and you purchase the CSS upgrade, you can modify the appearance of themes here.

    Note: there are two kinds of wordpress, and they are not interchangable:

    If you think CSS would work for what you want to do:


    I see this now. Fuuu!

    Is there any way if i have a account to EXPORT everything (including the theme, posts, content, etc) so that I can run it on a self-hosted version of wordpress somewhere else?


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    Yes, you can export a blog to a hosted site:

    You won’t be able to export the theme because themes on .com have been altered to work on our multi-user platform. Also, you won’t be able to export the stats from the .com blog (though you could use a non-wordpress stat counter which you can set the beginning number on).



    Yes you can export your blog content and your links out of your wordpress.COM blog and then import them into a wordpress.ORG install. Please see here for instructions. >


    Thanks! :)

    So, do you by chance know if I could download the theme from somewhere else, or are those exclusive themes. Maybe a non-multi-platform version of that particular theme.

    I appreciate your answers and your help



    You can check out the wordpress.ORG themes directory here >
    Plugins here >
    Recommended we hosts here >
    See also getting started with wordpress.ORG here >


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    Many of the themes on have been modified from themes used on .org so it might be possible to find the same (unmodified) theme online somewhere. Google theme name or designer might work.


    I will read all these thanks again for all your help. Im super busy at the moment and I havent gotten a chance to skim through these yet but…

    Is it possible to export (sans theme) to something for strictly self-hosted, or can i ONLY go to hosted?



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    I don’t know either way. Here is the kind of file that will be exported, if this info is of any use to a more techy person than I am:

    From :

    Export in your dashboard to download an XML file of your blog’s content. This format, which we call WordPress eXtended RSS or WXR, will contain your posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags

    Leave this thread open: there are some very well-informed people who volunteer here. One of them might know…



    WordPress.ORG is the keeper of the software for self hosted sites. They do not do any hosting. You must find your own host (they have some recommendations), and they also have the requirements for running WordPress.ORG software. No charge for the software. The help Forums have some great people helping.

    Personally I would try and talk your clients back to minor changes that could be easily done with CSS.



    You’re using the Sandbox 1.6.1 theme right now so all the styling is done with custom CSS. If you found the theme for a blog it would look nothing like the site does now. Your best bet is to ask any specific questions you have in the CSS forum right here. I’d be happy to take a look for you.


    Thank you all! i really appreciate your replies, ususlaly in forums no one ever helps

    I have figured it out.

    Basically what i did was export all content, then installed WP on a fresh server. i downloaded sandbox theme separately, and uploadedi t

    then, when i imported it had the option to upload all attachments/uploads. i chose yes, and then it went and downloaded all the images from the old server.

    then i replaced the style sheet with the one from the previous site and now it is a perfect duplicate, with which i can modify the php files now

    Thanks again!

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