How do I edit/find my CSS?

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    I am trying to edit my theme. I have purchased the upgrade, but have no clue how to get to the CSS to edit it. From what I understand, this is possible. I think I have already messed up something, as the theme is no longer showing up the way it’s supposed to?? I really just want to edit the current theme, not start from scratch.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Current blog…



    Please read this thread which is just a few posts lower than yours on the forum and in it you will find answers to your questions


    Okay…maybe I’m just an idiot…but I am just not getting it??? I read through many threads…I currently have a Blogger Blog and I edited all on my own. So do I go to the Edit CSS button, and add there? But add it below what’s already there?



    It would be a really good idea for you to read the information at all the links I posted inside the thread I posted for you above before you start

    => Presentation => Edit css

    Unless and until you pay for the upgrade any changes you try can be previewed by yourself but cannot be seen by your readers. is not like Blogger. We are on a multi-user blogging platform and we cannot edit the underlying code in our themes. If we could then everyone else’s blog of the same themes would find there’s had changed too. Editing the cascading style sheets means we can only change appearance.


    Thanks for that link…I have paid for the upgrade.

    Okay, I see the CSS, but I don’t see anywhere to edit the color of the links or the color of the text boxes. Would that be correct? Looks like the CSS ends with the comments?


    For example…right now the bars are green and blue…is there a way to make them purple?



    Everyone who answers questions on the forum is a volunteer and we have varying skills and experience. So now we are at the stage where you will have to wait for another volunteer who does have css customization experience to log-in to help you. And this may not happen right away because it’s Saturday night. Best wishes. :)

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