how do I eliminate my home page?

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    So the blog site is starting to look good- getting ready for prime time – but the “home” page remains empty – can’t delete it, can’t edit it or add content –



    I think that would be a mistake. From what I can see of your blog, the page you wish to delete is the page where the blog posts go. Even if it were possible to delete it and only have pages instead of a blog, it’s extremely counter-intuitive and likely to end in regrets.

    For more on pages vs posts, check my post on the topic here.



    Have you looked under Options in your Dashboard–somewhere there is an option that allows you to assign a particular page (or your blog) to be your “Home” page. Unfortunately, it won’t get rid of the home tab–you’ll have two tabs that go to the same page.



    First of all, wordpress is for blogs. So the reason why that homepage is empty is because you don’t have any topics. You only have pages at the moment.
    In your options (at the dashboard) you can set the homepage to a static page, for instance: welcome to the seven villages blog.

    So, when anyone hits: home: they are redirected to that page.

    You can’t delete the “home” tab. Tried that to with my theme and with other themes and found no solution. More info about deleting, or not-deleting that tab in this forum post: homepage in regulus



    Once you start making Posts in your blog, your home page will show those.



    I guess what I was looking for was topic organizion – posts and comments in certain areas on certain pages – and I would rather the welcome page be the landing page…. then posts show up on the pages depending on the subject –
    to much organization?



    WordPress already does what you want. Take a look at my blog (Under my user name) and click on the category link at the top. You can do the same by making sure that you assign categories to every post and adding the Category widget to your sidebar.

    edit: Your home page is usually the last 10 Posts of your blog unless you do the static page as suggested above.

    Hope this helps,



    I think what you are looking for is a fixed page that is your home page. I have seen this option. You have to go to ‘Options’ and then to ‘Reading’. There you will see a heading called ‘Front Page.’ You can either have the ‘latest posts’ as your home page (this is probably what you have now) or you can switch this to ‘A static page’ and for this you can select any page you want.
    Then you make your posts and your categories and you will have different topics which your reader can refer to.

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