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How Do I Embed My Blog into My Website?

  1. Can blogs be embedded into other websites? If so, how?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. No. The best you can do is link to it. If you download software from and upload it to your own webspace, then that blog can be embedded in your website. Otherwise you can only link to it. If you use Custom CSS you can make your blog appear congruent with your website to a certain extent, though.

  3. "If you download software from and upload it to your own webspace, then that blog can be embedded in your website. "

    You would have to let your provider know you uploaded this softwear, correct? Or does it just go in your directory with the rest of your uploaded files?

  4. any questions about the self-hosted software can be answered over at

  5. sites can't be embedded into other sites because they are hosted on and not where you other site is hosted. As Raincoster stated, you can have your own copy of wordpress on your server and then do whatever you want with it and all that can be discussed as judyb12 states in the self-hosted forums at

    There are ways to have your blog 'content' or 'posts' show up inside other websites using RSS feed Aggregators, but that is out of the scope of and can be found searching the net and over at the other forums!

    Good luck!


  6. I set up a test server on my own PC and installed WordPress on it. It's quite easy (after figuring out the SQL stuff). I will eventually switch my WordPress hosted blog to a different server where I have more control over it, but you do need certain things to be able to host WordPress elsewhere.

    1 - PHP (scripting)
    2 - SQL (database)

    My home site is on a cheap hosting with PHP, but no SQL......which is why I host here. If your host has these things, then installing WordPress there is simple....a quick nip into the options to change the URL and you're set.

  7. Well, you could embed it via an iframe on your site elsewhere but I doubt it would work that well. Best bet would be to grab the software and add it into your site directly instead of faking it.

  8. Thanks, everyone, for the information about both and blogs. I had hoped that I could do embed my blog the way that LiveJournal allows their blogs to be embedded, but it sounds like a no-go.

    I'll resurrect my LiveJournal blog or my blog and make one of those do what I wanted instead.

    [Link fixed - drmike]

  9. Yes, that's embeding. iframes and regular frames. You can do that if you want.

  10. Hey DRMike, the embedding work with the blog. Very cool. Thanks again.

  11. That's a smooth workaround. Just one question: one of the primary reasons people want to add blogs to their sites is to increase the site's googlejuice, but using an iframe to display the blog would mean that none of the blog's juice is transferable to the site, correct?

  12. @raincoaster
    That's also my understanding so I'm also interested in hearing replies on this.

  13. If I use an iFrame to bring in content into my site, my understanding is that it is indexed. This might not be the case, but I can't see why it wouldn't unless it is referencing the original posts.....


  14. I don't know what the URL would be though since it's of the main site.

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