How do I embed the Bloglines “User Key”

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    I´ve got a question which your FAQ doesn’t answer. In order to prove that I’m authorized to claim the feeds of my blog on bloglines, I have to include a “claim key” in a blog post (The easy part) and also include a “User Key” in my blog’s template (The difficult part). Please note that this is different issue than “adding bloglines to my blogroll”. verifies my claim in two steps. They check to find the “Claim Key” and the “User Key” at the Website URL. Then they look for the presence of “Claim Key” and the absence of “User Key” at the Feed URL. This dual key authentication method verifies that I control both the Website and the Feed and avoids false claims from those who can post but don’t control the Website.

    So… my question is… How do I embed the Bloglines “User Key” in my template?



    Try putting it in a sidebar text widget.



    Verification Succeeded! Thanks.



    Does not work to me!
    I have done it and I can see the two keys in the source page or the website URL
    Added the Claim Key in the sidebar text widget and I can see it but still the Bloglines fails
    Did you added the key with the <!– ckey=”xxxxxxxx” –> ??

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