How do I enable comments????

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    I’m new to this, so having one or two probs:)
    I have the box checked for ‘Allow comments’, but no comment box is showing up when I view my page. I’ve checked and saved it a few times, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. The post is in a category and also shows up on my main blog page. What do I have to do to allow people to comment?

    Thanks in advance for any replies



    Can you give us a link to your blog? Are you trying to allow people to comment on ONE post only, while the rest of the blog is set to No Comments? That won’t work.


    Is this your blog URL?

    If it is, the comments box will not show up on the front page. If you click on comments below the title, or on the post title it takes you to the single-post page and the comment box is below your post.



    Thanks thesacredpath. This is a bit confusing. I assumed once I posted something, no matter where it was a comment box would appear. So how do I get a comment box on the front page? I’ve got the same post under a category, but I don’t necessarily want people to have to go there to comment (especially if they are not familiar with the site). Oh so much to learn!



    For clarity you can’t have a chain of empty comment boxes appear following all your front page posts on any theme here. That’s not the way blogs operate. Your readers must click the “leave a comment” or “no comments” link below the posts and then the comment box will appear and they can type into it.

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