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How do I enlarge the font on my page???

  1. How do I enlarge the font on my page???

    as much info and direction needed,

  2. You have two options. Either you purchase the CSS upgrade (I don't recommend it, unless you know what #header {display: inline;} means) or you enlarge the fonts in the browser.

  3. You can enlarge the font size in individual posts, too. Either use the different Heading formats (look under Paragraph) in the visual editor or use this code in the html editor:

    <font size=7>your text</font>

    Experiment with different sizes till you find what suits you.

    But if you find that everything is too small (this won't work for widgets etc), either try to find a different theme which you find easier to read or, as deltafoxtrot suggests, enlarge the fonts via your browser. CTRL and + should work.

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