How do I ensure ALL of my images show up when I attach them to a page?

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    I have created a page (Wearable Textiles) on my blog where I am attaching a collection of photographs. They are all visible in edit mode. In the actual view, some of the images don’t appear. Instead it says something along the lines of:

    BuzzHandwoven twill scarf. Softspun wool, painted by hand. 2011.</p><p class=
    ” src=”×1251.jpg?w=1024″ width=”1024″ height=”1000″ /> Optical Buzz

    When this is clicked, the image appears in a seperate window. This is only with three of the images on the page, the rest show up fine. I have tried removing them and re-entering them, to no avail. I have used these very same files before on different iterations of this page with no issues. Any thoughts?

    The blog I need help with is



    The code is messed up because you tried to enter line breaks in the captions. An image caption has to be one continuous line of text. If you need line breaks, insert the images without captions and write the text as regular text in the main edit box of the post.


    Thank you! Good to know.

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