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How do I erase reblog?

  1. I reblogged our blog hoping to just update the published date and now the home page has changed - and not in a good way. How do I erase reblog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can delete the reblog > Dashboard > Posts > All Posts and hover over the post title then click "Trash".

  3. Thanks! I deleted it, but now my home page has disappeared.

  4. By default your home page displays all your posts and you have not published any posts. The 404 (page not found) error message on the front page of your blog appeared because you deleted the placeholder Hello World post. As soon as you publish a post, not a page it will disappear.

  5. I should add that my home page is not showing under "Posts" and the link is showing as

    If I could delete the 2012/11/21, I would think I would get my home page back, but it will only allow me to edit "home".

  6. When I posted a new page and labeled it "home", it added another "home" category in my links while leaving the original "home" link up. How do I get my new post to be my home page?

  7. By default the front page (“Home”) of your blog will display your latest posts. You can change this so readers see a static page instead, and can view your posts on a different page.

  8. Okay, I'm confusing posts and pages. How do I get our home page back?
    Sorry, I'm rather new at this.

  9. Go here > Settings > Reading
    Reading Settings
    Front page displays
    __ Your latest posts

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