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How do I exclude images from a gallery?

  1. katherinesedgwick

    I have a post with multiple images, some of which I want in a gallery and others that I do not. All the images show up in the gallery and I cannot figure out how to delete them from it and still appear elsewhere in the post. I have searched forums and the answers seem to have to do with shortcode, but I am not a code writer and do now know how to create a gallery with shortcode. Help!
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  2. katherinesedgwick

    Thank you, Jennifer - but my problem is that I don't know anything about Shortcode. How do I create one? I have a feeling it's beyond my (nonexistent, truly) technical/coding capabilities.

  3. katherinesedgwick

    Jennifer, I've finally figured it out, thanks 100% to your great support blog on galleries. Thank you so much!!

  4. You are very welcome! Don't let that word "code" put you off. The shortcodes are incredibly easy (once you get the hang of them). :)

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