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How do I, featured content on Mystique

  1. How do I make featured content show up on Mystique's home page as a slider images? I am all confused about post formats and all these new themes coming out lately. Taking a baby step, just wish to know how to setup multiple blog posts as featured content which people can slide or it may auto-slide..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am not clear on where this "slider imsges" part comes in as I cannot find mention of it made in either the theme annoucement or in the Themes Showcase information provided by Staff.

    Does this help at all?

    Featured (“Sticky”) Post
    One featured post will show up in the header if the post is set as sticky, has a featured image attached, and the featured image is at least 940 pixels wide. If you have more than one post that meets these criteria the most recent post will be displayed.

    The featured post area will show in the header of every site page unless you expressly turn it off in Appearance → Theme Options; in that case it will only be displayed on the home page.

  3. Pardon, I guess I goofed up. There is no slider in Mystique. Now off to finding which *free* theme supports the slider. Thanks.

  4. There are no free themes that I am aware of that have a slider feature. They are available on some paid (premium) themes like Traction for example.I cannot find "slider" listed among the features in the Themes Showcase.

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