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How Do I Find Blogs in Specific Categories?

  1. I'm brand new to this blog thing. Since there are categories there must be ways to find blogs by category. For example, if I want to find a list of blogs in the digital photography category how do I do it?

    Also, where is the master list of categories?

  2. so, you'd like to take part in the famous global tag conversation -- here it is: !

  3. Thanks for your reply.

    When I click that link I get "The page cannot be found"

    But, I take it from your suggestion there is no list of categories which take you to blogs in specific categories

  4. fixed:

    [there was missing trailing slash and mod_rewrite rules are rather sensitive]

    I'd rather suggest you to use (or GOOG) with search string smth like: " digital photography"

  5. The evil Blogshares also does an index. I do not recommend it though as there is little to no verifing on it.

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