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How do I find my designated posts page in the reading settings area?

  1. Hi - when I first set up my blog I created a static home page and a posting page. Everything has been cool up until today when I updated my reading settings to show 20 posts. Previously the number of posts to show was 6. Anyway, I noticed that under the front page display area of my reading settings that nothing was listed for the posts page. It looked like this, "post page: - select - ". So I clicked the down arrow and couldn't find my designated posts page for selection. I had to change my settings so that the home page is the posts page just to get the posts page to show up when someone reads my blog. How do I get the designated posts page to show up in the selection list again under the reading settings area? Thanks for any help someone can give me.
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  2. You'll need to create a new blank page in the Pages section of your blog's Dashboard. Then, you can set that page to hold your posts.

  3. I'll be happy to follow those instructions. Will creating a new blank page for my posts affect any followers of my blog? They won't be bombarded with "new" postings, will they?

    I'm off to try your suggestion!

  4. No, not at all. It's still the same blog, you're just change the location of the posts.

  5. My blog is set to have a static home page again! Your suggestion worked great and I will mark this support request as resolved. I'm glad I just changed the location of the postings and no one got a bunch of irrelevant posting notices. Thank you macmanx.

  6. You're welcome!

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