How do I find my theme's font?

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    The theme I’m using has a particular font that it automatically uses for titles and headings. I’m trying to find out what the font title is so I can use it within selected posts and other headings, but I’m having trouble. When I go into the theme’s CSS rundown, it has a font category, but none of the listed fonts are the one used in the titles/headings. One thing I did notice was when you first open the page, the titles appear in a standard arial-like font, and then immediately changes.

    Is there anyway to find the title font so I can use it within posts?

    The blog I need help with is




    It sounds like you’re referring to the Hitchcock typeface:

    Unfortunately, it’s not really possible for you to use the font elsewhere on the site, as it’s not available through Typekit at this time.

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