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How do I find our blog

  1. Our blog is lost. We changed username and passwords several times (change of employees) for a premium blog/website, and somehow it disappeared. When we log into the blog directly, it is there, with the correct username, but when we go to the dashboard, we only find a new blog that is empty. The blog we WANT to use is, the one that has taken its place is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It sounds like the domain mapping has expired. This should help

  3. I did what the page suggested, and it took me to a page suggesting that we upgrade to Premium. We already HAVE a premium site, just haven't been able to access the dashboard. Something got scrambled, and I'm struggling to get it figured out.

  4. When I typed in our website to the domain to register it, a box came up saying that "The domain name you entered is already mapped to a blog."

  5. I will flag this for staff to sort out if you promise me you will stop changing usernames. That is how accounts get "disassociated" from a blog, leading to problems like this.

  6. I promise!!! We've had too many fingers in the pie. Thank you!

  7. YOu're welcome. Just hang tight adn they should sort it out.

    BTW you should probably have a single account as admin, an account to which your IT people have the password. You can then ADD other accounts to it, as writers or editors, but that one account should remain the same and it should remain in corporate hands and with a record of the password.

  8. We don't have enough staff to have IT people, but we will set up accounts for writers, etc., and keep the master one safe. Thanks again.

  9. When will we hear from someone about this? Will they email?

  10. It is flagged for staff attention. I don't know when they will get back to you but they should get back to you by Monday. Check yoru email and check your Spam folder in particular. Sometimes messages from go there by mistake. But they are most likely to post in this thread.

  11. The base blog you want to work in the Dashboard of is:

    Here is your log-in:

  12. jerrysarcastic

    Closing this, as I am helping the OP on another post. Thanks!

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