How do I find out how many subscribers to my blog I have?

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    I can’t find in my stats or anywhere on the admin pages of my blog how who my subscribers are, how many of them I have and what their emails are. I want to be able to send them useful information via email and to know how many I have. I also want to know if my current subscribers appear in my stats when they open their emails to read my latest post. Because they may not actually visit my blog, they may just read it from their emails, so I wonder if they count towards my stats or not?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can find the number of followers to your blog at your stats page here:!/my-stats/



    Thanks I can see how many people are reading it. However I can’t find a link through to how has actually subscribed. I’d like to see a list of my subscribers and their email addresses. How do I find those in my stats please? Thanks!



    I’m curious, because when I click on followers at the bottom of stats it say I have 29 followers, however when I look on the front page of my site it says ‘Join 216 other followers to this blog’ where are the rest of those followers listed please?



    Hi there – you can see your followers here:!/my-stats/?blog_subscribers

    And your email subscribers here:!/my-stats/?blog_subscribers&type=email

    The total of those two types of followers is 29.

    The 216 figure includes Twitter and Facebook followers, which you can see in the Totals, Followers and Shares box here:!/my-stats/

    Hope this helps!



    Hello, thank you for explaining that, it kind of makes sense now. So the twitter followers are literally how many followers I have and the facebook followers are the ones who engage in posts relating to my blog?

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