How do I find out the ip-address of my site?

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    Hi, Is there a way to find out what the ip-address of my site is, as I’d like yto map my site to a different domain. I’II need an ip-address where my webhotell will redirect the pagerequests.

    The webhotel is int2000. I also need to change the domain name using their DNS-tools before I by an upgrade, right?

    I’m confused.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Your site here is a subdomain of, so it doesn’t have an IP address.

    What is the domain name you are trying to redirect?

    WordPress offers domain mapping, and it has to happen from this end. A redirect will not show your site here with your registered domain name, all it will do is direct any traffic that tries to go to that domain name to your site. Here is the link on domain mapping an existing domain name to your site here:



    In the case that I change the server names to


    I understood that the existing e-mail service from the webhotel will stop working. To solve the matter the webhotel asks for the ip-address of the wordpress site and claims it has been done with wordpress previously.

    What I’m trying to do is to change site to be redirected to I tried to purchase the upgrade, but it seems it is not possible to do so, before I’ve changed the server names. As the help desk in int2000 won’t tell me the how to do so, I’m pretty much stuck.


    WordPress has a support document on using Google Apps for webmasters to retain your email addresses: .

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