How do I find out what my username and password is?

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    I feel like a dope, but now I cannot remember my username and my password.
    I think my username is lornakismet
    But as for my password, it could be one of several and I cannot find where I wrote it down.

    (And I actually have a book in which I write such things!)


    The blog I need help with is



    I suggest contacting staff so they can help you their is nothing the forum volunteers can do to help you with this matter



    Are you asking about your password? Your computer does obviously know it since you are able to post here.

    Normally, simply log out, go to and click the ‘Lost your password?’ on the admin bar at the top. This will send the password to your email. Hopefully you remember which email that is linked to your blog and the password for that. Better check that in Settings > General before logging out.



    Type your email address in the box here:

    It will send instructions on how to change your password.

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