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how do I find the single column option in Matala?

  1. The one-column option supposedly exists for Matala but I can't find where to access it. Can't see it under "theme options or anywhere else...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. oops, thought I had checked a dropdown for the blog this refers to, it's my new one I keep trying different themes out for...

  3. It doesn't have a full-fledged single column layout or no sidebar page templates.

    From the page:

    Single-Image Pages and “Random Photos” Gallery
    Matala shows off your single images in style with a full-width, one-column template. Even cooler? You have the option of displaying a gallery of three random photos at the bottom of this one-column template:

    I think this is referring to image "attachment pages" which you get by selecting "link to" post page when you insert an image. The description is not all that clear.

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