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How do I find the URL of my recent posts (as compared to my static page)?

  1. nostresssuccess

    Hi, I want to keep a static page on my first blog but I want another( (second) blog to host a "recent posts" of this first blog... how do i find the url of "recent posts"?

    Many thanks!

    Cheers, Tes
    Blog url:

  2. Hi Tess,

    You're almost there! :-)

    In Reading Settings, I see that you've set a static front page, and you need to set a Posts page (which is where you published posts will appear).

    To accomplish that, you can follow the steps (from step #4) on this support page:

    So, you can publish a blank page titled "Blog" with the same page slug, then after you select your Blog page (or whatever you'd like to call it) in Front page displays, that would be the URL where you recent posts are displayed.

  3. nostresssuccess

    PERFECT! Thank you! That solution was a great surprise.. never wudda thunk it! Thanks again!

    Cheers, Tess

  4. You're welcome — cheers!

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