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How do I find this info?

  1. What are they asking me for here?

    Blog Feed URL
    The URL must start with http:// and usually ends with .rss or .xml or .atom
    Don't know what your feed is? Try clicking here [popup window - may be blocked by popup blockers]

    I'm not getting a pop-up and can't provide the info they need to add my blog...

  2. insert the meta widget in your sidebar. if you already have, click on the entries rss, it will show your rss feed. copy the url.

    also, all blogs rss feeds url should be like this:

  3. Done. Thanks!

  4. no sweat. =)

  5. Is there much traffic on these WordPress blogs? I don't find much on-going activity. Am I mistaken? Is it "normal" to find only a handful (2 or 3) on-going forums at any one time? Is there something that I am missing here. Everything seems so arcane and nerdy!!!

  6. Well, I come to the forums to learn. What do you come here for?

  7. indxr: forums is for support and suggestions only. perhaps that's why nobody hangs around here. that would be arcane and nerdy, now wouldn't it? ;)

  8. @sulz *lol* was that sarcasm I heard? thanks for the 1st coffee of the day reading laugh.

  9. Carmel Frapp-a-Latte. Mmmmm...........

    Actually by my count, we average about 30-50 threads a day around here.

  10. Arcane and nerdy?

    Gee, I knew I joined for a good reason! ;)

  11. *chuckle*

  12. 'Arcane' Aint nothing mysterious about me!

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