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How do I fix "error on page" - all is frozen

  1. Please help. How do I fix "error on page" message? I have been building a wonderful website for several years and adding content continuously. All of a sudden the editing facility seems to have frozen... because it says there is an "error on the page". I do not know how to fix it. It says for my home page "line 402 "Switch Editors is null or not an object..." I do not know how to fix. I cannot add photos, look at HTML version ... all seems to be frozen.

    url is
    Blog url:

  2. We had a temporary glitch on and were able to fix it within a few moments. Everything should be working properly again. :)

  3. Thank you so much and blessings. This facility is truly amazing! G

  4. I am experiencing the same problem. Only part of my page (the top) displays. I cannot post. When I try to submit a "contact us" form nothing displays - I type words but nothing shows. I have cleared the cache and cookies. Also switched to Chrome. Nothing works.

  5. I have no technical solution but as a work-around how about going back to a earlier version that worked? I have successfully done this in the past when the HTML got confused. G

  6. Hi, I'm new to the site but already seem to be having problems. I can post blogs and photos, get my stats (but think some options are missing) but I can't seem to get reader or topics to work.
    I keep getting blank pages, which is very frustrating when I'm just starting out.
    Can my account be checked to see if there is a problem that can be fixed.

  7. Hello, I am getting done, error on page in the left hand corner. When I go to reader-explore topics, nothing happens. How can I fix this? Url is

  8. People have been reporting issues with the Reader for a couple of months now.

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