How do I fix my Paypal link so it will work when I'm not logged in to WordPress?

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    I am trying to add a paypal email link to a button image on two of my pages. I am using the buy now and the shopping cart email code from paypal. I think I followed the directions listed in your support doc accurately, but something isn’t working! When I am logged into wordpress everything works just fine after the update. Once I log out to view the site as a user the links don’t work. In Chrome it appears that the browser is going to contact paypal, and then nothing happens. In Firefox it goes to a blank page. On the iPad nothing happens. What did I do wrong?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Could you please send the link of the page you are referring to?

    Note that some embed code will not work because we remove JavaScript, Flash, iframe, form, and input tags for security reasons.

    You can find more information about the PayPal donate button on this page.


    The link for document about the PayPal donate button is the one that I referenced when I was setting this up. I thought I did it correctly.

    I have two pages with paypal buttons. Here are the links:



    I’ve tried a few things, and none are working- called PayPal. They had me try changing the button to text and using that as a link but the result is the same. The link works when I am logged in, but does not work once I log out to check if it will work for a visitor to my site. They believe it is a WordPress issue for sure.

    Any suggestions?



    They all seem to be fine for me whether I’m logged in or out, and that really should have no effect on a standard HTML link leading elsewhere.

    Would you please try in a different browser, like Firefox or Chrome?


    Not sure if you saw my initial post- as I said, I’ve tried it in Firefox, Chrome, and on an iPad. It does not work with any of these browsers. When I was talking to PayPal support they confirmed my experience. What browser were you using when you actually got it to work?



    I was using both Firefox and Chrome and had no issue whatsoever.

    Also, I did confirm with our developers, and there is nothing in our system that would alter a post’s HTML links if you’re logged in or not.


    Ok, Is there a way to actually speak to someone on the phone about this problem? I’d rather speak to someone because it seems that these replies are sent without anyone bothering to read what I’ve written. Despite the fact that you “had no issue whatsoever”, I am still having an issue. Clearly the inability to reproduce my problem has not fixed my problem! To be honest, I am not sure you actually clicked on the links as that would make you the only person for whom they work. Magical as that might be, I still need some help. It would be helpful if someone would read my question to see what I have already tried before suggesting I do all the things I did before I asked for help. Obviously, doing otherwise is super annoying. Maybe you could look at the code and see if I made a mistake. Maybe you could suggest other ways of integrating a payment option if this cannot be resolved. Maybe there is some troubleshooting that you could suggest that approaches this problem differently. Something productive would be lovely.



    Hi Tania, I’m sorry to hear that you’re continuing to have a problem with this. I checked your online registration page here:

    I was able to click the Add to Cart button and get through to Paypal using both Chrome and an iPad. Here’s a screenshot from the iPad:

    I realize it’s very frustrating to hear that we don’t see the problem. It does help us however to narrow down where the problem might be. When you are testing the button in Chrome, Safari, and your iPad, are you in the same location and using the same wireless connection every time?

    It’s possible that the issue lies with a caching problem in your wireless router or at your internet service provider. You can try re-setting your router by completely turning it off (including removing and replacing a battery if there is one) and turning it back on. Next, reboot your computer and clear the cache in your browsers. Then try your test again.

    If resetting your router doesn’t make a difference, it would really help if you can test the button from a different location, such as a library or coffee shop.

    I am also converting this forum ticket into an email ticket, so that we can continue this discussion over email.

    Thanks for your patience ;-)

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