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How do I fix photos which aren't displaying properly?

  1. Photos aren't displaying properly on static front page.
    I have a static front page and the featured image I set shows just the top part of the photo. I changed the size for large photos under settings/media to 4000 by 4000 pix, but it made no difference. Do we have to crop all photos? I thought it was just the main blog photo. Also, on other pages and posts, I often can't get the "set featured image" link to do anything, even after I've selected a photo from my media library.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    Featured Images set for pages in your theme are always 940 x 198. If you put in an image that's larger than that it will crop automatically to show just a section of the image that's that size. If you put in an image that's smaller it won't use it for your page's header at all.

    Does that answer your question?


  3. So, a Featured Image is the same thing as a "Header Image?" I gather Inserted Images are something else entirely, but can't figure out what the "small, medium and large" file size limits edit field has to do with. Is there a setting to select one.? Thanks for your help. I'm blind, and my husband is trying to help, but he's not very good with computer stuff.

  4. Hi there,

    Featured images can mean different things in different themes. In some themes, for example, you can add featured images to an image slider that appears at the top of your homepage. In your theme the featured image for the page replaces the normal header with the featured image header.

    The small, medium, and large image size has to do with what size an image appears when you insert it into your page or post.

    Please let us know if you have any more questions we can help you with.


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